If you’re thinking this is going to be one of those bios full of butterflies and rainbows and a résumé full of accomplishments and successes… think again! Thankfully, my life does have a lot of that but my life also has a lot of ugly chapters and not-very-pretty moments. I have as many failures as I have successes and have made a lot of mistakes in my day. I’ll probably continue to make a few more. But all of that is frankly, what has led me to this place.

A little about me. I’m a Creative Soul in so many ways. An Artist, an Actor, A Writer, a Photographer, an Explorer, an Emmy Award Winning TV Host, a very proud Dad, and last but certainly not least, a Storyteller at heart.

My approach to life is pretty simple. Try everyday to be honest, open, authentic, vulnerable, grateful, inspired, and inspiring. Follow your instincts and your integrity. Have fun and don’t sweat the small stuff. These are my basic principles not only toward life but also toward my work. It’s a solid foundation for everything I do, and I try to go to bed each night proud of what I did that day (I don’t always succeed but I always try again the next day.)

My work represents the coming together of my many years in the creative world, my many different loves and talents, and my desire to lead my best life as I move into the second act! My entire life has revolved around communicating with people in many different ways. Entertaining them, informing them, inspiring them, motivating them, and sometimes pissing them off! Telling my story and very often, telling their story. I know the positive impact that great communication can make on your life and the lives of those around you.

My background covers a lot of territory and spans everything from entertainment to entrepreneurship. The majority of my work has been in the public eye and in front of people, in many different forms, around the world. I have been very fortunate in my career. I have worked as a successful TV, film, and stage actor; an Emmy Award winning television host; a network news anchor; a television producer; a photographer, a writer, and as a successful artist.

But I have also had my share of really big failures. Losing jobs, losing friends, losing direction, and losing purpose. It’s not always about how do you win and grow each day but sometimes it’s just about getting through each day. Through it all, I remain grateful. I’ve been on both sides of the good and bad, the success and failure. Somehow, someway, I’m still standing. As they say… “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” That is indeed the truth.

Shortly after finishing school in Indiana, LA and Hollywood called and I answered. It’s very likely that your first experience with my work was visually on the small screen. As an actor, I starred in numerous major TV shows and film projects. Hits like Dallas, Melrose Place, MacGyver, NYPD Blue, Coach, Space Precinct, and many more. I also produced and hosted many other projects (for The Travel Channel, HGTV, the Food Network, the Outdoor Channel, etc.), anchored news broadcasts for FOX, CBS, and ABC, and have written for a variety of magazines and web outlets including The Huffington Post, Coastal Living, Nashville Lifestyles, and Esquire. It has been an amazing and fun ride to say the least.

Once I hit the half-century mark on this planet, I decided to explore another side of my creative brain and dive back into the world of art. I have always loved to sketch and design and work with shapes and colors. In fact, my first creative endeavors were at an early age in middle school when I was hired to paint store front windows for the holidays in my small town, hometown.

With all of my work and knowledge in my back pocket, about six years ago I started meshing my creative talents around a central theme of “life and art on the coast,” as I was living in one of my favorite areas of the world, Florida’s Emerald Coast. I have always loved working with wood and sculpture and I knew that I wanted to create a high-end, coastal, unique type of wood work that also had a slight nod to the vintage and tropical past of places like Key West, Malibu and SoCal, Old Florida, Bali, and Hawaii. And, after some trial and error (plus a studio full of lumber) I found the sweet spot.

About the same time, I started spending more and more days back home again in Indiana, immersed in the rural, small town lifestyle that was my upbringing and very quickly, I found that I could also apply my wood designs to the beauty of the Midwest. Farms, nature, animals, architecture made for a truly perfect Americana inspired collection.

And with all of that… here we are on our journey! My work and brand continues to expand with a growing presence in both local and national markets. Thankfully friends, readers, media companies, collectors, designers, art lovers, and the corporate world have been hugely supportive of my work, for which I am humbled and eternally grateful. I have truly found my niche, vibe, and style and the natural, organic continuation of my artistic life.

Please take a look around my website to learn more about who I am and what I do. Then reach out, say hello, give me some feedback, and let’s talk about how we can get creative… together! All the best! ~Rob

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