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Welcome… I’m Rob Youngblood and this site is a glimpse at my world and my work. I’ll start with a little about myself. I’m a curious mind and creative soul in so many ways. An Artist, an Actor, a Writer, a Photographer, an Explorer, an Emmy Award Winning TV Host, and last but certainly not least, a Storyteller at heart.

After years in LA (with some stops in London, Nashville, and Charleston) and a very successful TV career, I “sort of” retired to small town on the Emerald Coast to Florida to raise my son and find a new path in life… a new challenge and a new way to stir my creative juices. And, after some time of self reflection and (kind of) deep thought, my art and sculpture path was forged (is truthfully, still being forged).

For my coastal work, I take inspiration from places I love… Hawaii, Bali, the South Pacific, Key West, Malibu, Southern California (my former coastal home), and of course the gorgeous Emerald Coast where I have spent the last few years. I also take inspiration from a number of other things I love. Vintage tropical vibes, the right music, Ernest Hemingway, deep sea fishing, the beach, surfing, interior design, plants, flowers, the forest, nature… the list is pretty much endless.

For my Americana pieces, I look for inspiration in the farm fields of the Midwest (my home and childhood in Indiana), my love of old barns, farms, cornfields, and my Hoosier roots, and the rural foundation that is the heart of America. My wood art just feels organic to me. Original. unique, truly my own, and deeply expressive. When it’s right… it’s right.

Most of my work is modern, bold, and a unique use mixed wood. It is meticulously designed and always hand-crafted. Cut, worked, shaped, and finished by yours truly at either my Gulf Coast studio in Florida or in my shop in rural Indiana. I love large, dynamic, instantly recognizable, statement pieces that capture your attention instantly. My work has a spirited, sophisticated, and luxurious feel… mixed with a little bit of a vintage cool and classic style.

Have a look around and please reach out with any questions or for details on purchasing work or ordering custom pieces. Thanks for your time, I am grateful that you are here. Enjoy! ~Rob




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